Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Universe.

My friend showed me this website, and it takes you all the way from 10^-35m. (that means 34 0's after the decimal point) to 10^26 x 9.3m.
The website can be found here, and while it is rather cartoony, the information provided is accurate. Yes even the 7 meter earthworm. The largest confirmed earthworm was 6.7 meters long, and there have been unconfirmed reports of much larger earth worms.
Even with all of that information clearly in front of me it's difficult for me to comprehend it all.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Unbelievable shrimp

When a friend showed this video to me, I simply could not believe that what I was seeing was real, but it is. (skip to :50 for the action)

Among the fascinating creatures of the deep is a finger-size shrimp with an oversize claw—resembling a boxing glove—that it uses to stun its prey by snapping the claw shut. The snapping produces a sharp cracking sound.

When colonies of the shrimp snap their claws, the cacophony is so intense that submarines can take advantage of it to hide from sonar.

When the claw snaps shut, a jet of water shoots out from a socket in the claw at speeds of up to 62 miles (100 kilometers) an hour, generating a low-pressure bubble in its wake. As the pressure stabilizes, the bubble collapses with a loud bang.
The whole process, which was recorded with the use of high-speed cameras and sound equipment, occurs within 300 microseconds.
Now, using a device that counts photons, Lohse and his colleagues recorded a flash of light that occurs when the bubble collapses.
The flashing phenomenon is thought to be similar to sonoluminescence, in which bubbles that are in a liquid driven by a strong sound field emit light. The researchers have dubbed the shrimp activity shrimpoluminescence.
In sonoluminescence, the peak intensity of the emitted light is at a short wavelength. This indicates that the temperature inside the bubble is at least 10,000 degrees Kelvin (18,000 degrees Fahrenheit).

 This shrimp is seriously insane, and just a little bit scary. It may be only the size of my thumb, but it makes me wonder what other types of crazy things are out there. Frogs that shoot laser beams out of their eyes perhaps? After seeing this I wouldn't be that shocked if there were.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Blog plug

I was looking through all of my followers blogs. yes i do take a look at your blogs, and read your comments. when i found one that i liked so much i had to share it with all of you guys.
the blog is called catalyst-spark, and is about inspiration and how to be successful, and happy and stuff like that. it really is an excellent blog and i highly recommend you check it out.

while i am plugging other blogs i might as well plug my own blog as well. I have another blog as well as this one, my other blog is a music blog all about dubstep. so check it out, follow, leave a comment, and check back regularly to get your Daily Dose of Delicious Dubstep.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

A wise friend

somewhat continuing the theme of my last post i wanted to share a short piece of writing with you.
A friend of mine named Lucas passed away a while ago, he was wise behind his years and kept journals. His younger brother Nathan shared some of his journal entries and they had a real impact on my life, he gave me permission to put them on my blog and i would like to share them with you in hopes it might have an impact on your life as well.
this is from december 21, 2003

"How many times do we awake in the morning and immediately begin our day with a negative thought? "I'm so tired," or "I really don't want to get out of bed," or "I wish I didn't have to work/shave/help the kids get ready/fix breakfast/go to school/etc." I have certainly been guilty of this throughout my life.

The first thing we're taught, as Jews, to do in the morning is to thank Hashem for returning our spirits to our bodies, so we can live another day. What a great way to wake up: with gratitude. But here, too, Jews are just as guilty as everybody else-- as soon as they thank God upon waking, they begin with a stream of negative thoughts which no doubt makes mornings that much more difficult to bear. Why can't we, Jew and gentile, religious and secular, begin our mornings by making an accounting of all the things we're grateful for? Because we are not living in the here and now, and because we are not attentive to just how much we actually have to be thankful for.

Hot showers. Clean water. Soap and shampoo. Indoor plumbing. Towels and clothing. Toothbrushes and toothpaste. A warm bed. Food for our bellies. Various forms of entertainment. Transportation. Heat and or air conditioning. A healthy body which can move around, or even the medications we have to remain healthy. A roof over our head, to shelter us from the elements. Life. And most importantly, the renewed chance, every single day, to become a better person and to make a difference in the world. We could definitely come up with much more things to add to this list if we were just attentive to what we have to be thankful for.

Count your blessings, every single day. And be thankful for your adversities, because at the end of the day, you have still been blessed immensely. With as much turmoil and pain that exists in the world, we could all use a daily reminder that we have much to be thankful for. Whether we offer that gratitude up to God, or to ourselves for all of our hard work, bringing attention too all of the good we have in our lives is undoubtedly a transformative way to begin our days.

It is amazing what a little centeredness, and an appreciative attitude can do for our overall psyche. We have got to stop focusing on the bad, and begin focusing on the good. This newfound gratitude, which just takes a little cultivation to become routine, will assuredly translate into altruism, which turns into us becoming like God, and healing those we come into contact with.

And that, there, is yet another thing to be grateful for."

i am not religious, but still found a lot of meaning. I read this the same night i found out he died. i was sad for his passing, but the next day was one of the best days i had had in very long time.
if you guys would like to read more of his writing let me know in the comments. his brother shared a few other journal entries too. all equally meaningful and inspiring.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Pay it Forward

Pay it Forward, most of you have probably seen this movie or at least know the general plot of it.
you go and do 1 big things for 3 people and all you ask in return is that they do 1 big thing for 3 more people, and they tell them to do something for 3 people etc...
So this movie has a powerful message. I think most people who watched the movie probably told themselves they were at the very least going to go do some random acts of kindness for people. i'm sure a lot of you did indeed go out and do just that, but how long did you do that for? a day? a week? a whole month?
We are always quick to forget the lessons we learn. We forget the difference even a small act of kindness can make. So we need reminded occasionally, through things like the movie Pay it Forward, or seeing someone just go out of their way to help a complete stranger, or maybe being that stranger being helped.

Well i had something happen to me today that reminded. A random act of kindness from a complete stranger.
I was at Taco Bell and i had a coupon for a quad steak burrito. I get to the cashier and i hand her the coupon, she informs me they no longer have that burrito anymore instead they replaced it with the shrimp one. i asked if i could use it on that instead than, and was informed no. I didn't even bring my wallet with me cause i didn't think i would need it, so i walked out and went to my car. i was in the middle of backing up when a fairly attractive older 20's black lady started walking towards my car, so i rolled down the window. she came up and asked if i didn't have any money on me. i told her no, but that it was fine i lived right around the corner. she handed me two dollars and some change and despite my protests was very insistent on me keeping it, so i thanked her and re-parked my car. her car was parked closer to the entrance of the Taco Bell than mine was, so i passed it on my way back inside, as i was passing her she beckoned for me to come over to her car so i did, i began thanking her again when i noticed she was digging through her purse and she said let's see what else i can give you, she then shoves another dollar and some more change into my hand for a total of about $4.50, again being very insistent that i take it. we had a very brief conversation, and then she drove off.

it made my entire day, she was just so nice and friendly to a complete stranger i walked around with a smile on my face for the whole day. it reminded me how much doing something small can impact someone. I plan on going out and spreading good until i forget this lesson again, but i've noticed that each time i'm reminded i seem to remember it for a little bit longer.

Hopefully this will remind some of you and inspire you to go out and do some random acts of kindness, big or small.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

How to create incredible paintings in minutes.

I posted some of my artwork in an earlier entry here, and i decided to talk about that a little bit more.
this is a surprisingly easy skill to learn, or at least the basics are. within my first paint session i was able to create things that amazed people.
 This is Brandon McConnel, this video is unedited, you really can make something that amazing, that quick.

if you are interested in learning to paint like this there are a few simple things you need
1. a little bit of time (a lot less than you might think)
2. GLOSSY spray paint
3. GLOSSY posterboard
4. a magazine- any type of paper can work, and different papers can give different textures, but magazines are glossy and cheap so they are good to use.
5.circular objects to use as stencils for planets (such as coffee cans or plates)
6.a mask. you can use the little paper filter mask things, they will help filter out the paint particles, but with those you are still inhaling dangerous chemicals. i recommend getting one like this 3m respirator
7.and finally you need a place to paint.
i painted in my back yard, DO NOT PAINT INDOORS! at least not unless you have proper ventilation. the fumes from the spray paint are harmful if inhaled, to minimize health risks only paint in well ventilated areas.
including the respirator you can get everything you need to get started for less than $50.
other things that might be helpful are a pallet knife, a foam brush, a straight edge, and a razor blade.

OK so now you know what you need to paint, but how do you do it?
There are two main ways to do this, you can buy instructional DVDs such as these. i haven't been active on that site for a few years, but when i was the message boards were also very helpful if i ever had any questions, they were also a good place to learn new techniques. The second way to do it is for free just by watching tutorials and videos of people making these paintings on youtube.

A few tips, don't mix and match different brands or types of paint. they like to separate if you do.
cheap walmart paint will work, just make sure it's glossy.
start off simple, just do a space scene with one or two planets for your first few attempts, no need to try and recreate the Mona Lisa right away and get discouraged.
The biggest tip i can give you though, is just to go out and try it. you can get 10 cans of spraypaint and a few pieces of poster board for under $20, and you already know the paintings don't take long, so their is no major time investment either. what do you have to lose?

Again i apologize for the crappy photography, but here are a few more examples of some of my paintings.

I hope i inspired a few people to try this hobby, and that this was helpful to them.
Leave some feedback, and thanks for reading.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

A few useful things.

Here are some useful things
On your flash drives put a file with your name phone number and address, that way if you ever lose it, it can be returned.
Home security systems are a scam.
Melatonin is a chemical in your brain that regulates sleep. you can buy it at walmart or a drug store, it is good for you, impossible to overdose, and will help you sleep, and get quality sleep. i recommend taking 4 or less Mg though, because some people report nightmares when they take about 6-7 Mg. take it about 20-30 minutes before bed.
Women are horniest in the morning, so if you have a GF or wife and want some action, try first thing in the morning.

I will also leave one random fact. A pigs orgasm lasts for 30 minutes.

an update as to how insanity is going. i have made no progress.. a few days ago i partially dislocated my ankle, luckily it was put back in place without any difficulties, and it is healing very quickly and has already almost completely recovered.

i will be trying to update this much more regularly, i have been a bit busy. thanks for reading, leave some feedback :)

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Lets go green

I'm sure everyone has noticed the huge increase in "green" products in the last few years. well i'd like to take a minute and talk about all this bullshit.
this is a video (one of my favorite) of Penn and Teller, and it is a part of one of their episodes of Bullshit.
unfortunately this video shows a pretty good representation of your average American, and their stupidity. most "green" products are not any better for the environment than their standard counterparts, in fact they often have much worse impacts on the environment, or are the same exact thing with a different label and twice the price.
for example-to recycle 1 ton of plastic bags it costs $4000, after being recycled it can be sold for $32, and no i did not miss any decimal places. that's right to recycle a ton of plastic bags you loose over $3900.
In fact much of the things you recycle just ends up in a landfill anyways.
remember a few years ago when there was a big push for all the ethanol gas? everyone got all excited about being more eco-friendly and stuff, then realized that taking hundreds of thousands of acres of farmland for feed corn and converting it to ethanol corn, resulted in mass starvation, and many other very serious problems.
many other green products may not have as large of an effect as the ethanol movement, but they still suck!

don't get me wrong i'm not against going green, and i know that there are legitimate green products out there, i'm just tired of the all the bullshit out there. next time you go shopping use a little common sense when it comes to this stuff, it can go a long way.

i seriously recommend Penn & Teller's series Bullshit, it's an excellent show.

also, an update on how Insanity is going, another set back unfortunately. last night i partially dislocated my right ankle, fortunately i was able to quickly pop it back in, and hopefully it will heal up quickly.

Thanks for reading, let me know what you thought or if you have any recommendations for future entries.

Sunday, March 13, 2011


sorry readers, but this post contains nothing useful for you. it does however contain great news for me.
i got accepted into the one and only college i had applied to, UNCW. i was really getting worried, because i had applied on the very last day, and i new a few other people who applied on the last day. they got their letters about 2 weeks ago, i finally got my letter though and i am accepted, and excited :D
going to go to a pretty decent college, on the beach, with lots of hot girls.

Food tricks

today i have a few food tricks for you.
1. peel bananas from the bootom.
why? well you know those annoying string like things that hang all over your banana. if you pinch the bottom it will split, then just peel it like you would from the top. except this time, no strings! if you've ever seen a monkey eat a banana they peel it from the bottom
2. how to poach an egg
poaching eggs is often a dreaded activity, but it's actually extremely easy. after you've got your water all heated, add a splash of vinegar, then gently stir in a circle for a few seconds before dropping the egg into the middle. the gentle vortex will keep the egg together in the middle of the pot and you will get 100% perfect poached eggs every time. i also recommend cracking the eggs into a small dish first.
3. how to peel a pomegranate
unfortunately there is no easy way to peel this fruit, but there is an easier way than most people know. if you get a large bowl of water, peel your pomegranate inside the bowl of water. all the white pieces will float to the top, while the part you eat sinks to the bottom. makes it much easier to peel and clean
4. how to properly peel an orange
pretty much anyone can peel an orange, but sometimes it's a little difficult, and often leaves behind a lot of the white stuff from the peel. there is a simple solution to this, just roll the orange around in your hands for a minute or so applying light pressure. what this does is it separates the orange from the peel. once you've rolled it around peel it like you normally would, except this time it should be a lot easier and not leave anything behind.

a quick update to how Insanity is going i got it, and was looking at it. unfortunately i do not think i'll be able to start it right away, pretty much everything involves jumping, which is still pretty rough on my knee. i tried doing  the warm up and fitness test, and didn't get anywhere close to finishing. so what i've decided to do, is just to continue doing the warm up and as much of the workout as i can, until i can comfortably get all the way through it.

let me know what you guys thought about the food tricks. i know a lot more if you liked them.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

#*$% pain!

sorry for not having an update yesterday, to make up for it i've got a small announcement. i ordered the Insanity workout set, for those of you who don't know it's a workout program similar to P90X except it takes no equipment and only 60 days.
so what does this have to do with my blog? well i'll still have my normal updates full of random usefulness, but i'll also be including updates on how Insanity is going. statistically you are more likely to follow through with a diet or workout plan if you tell people about it, so i figure if i tell the whole internet i might actually follow through.

and now, a helpful fact.
you just fell down and scraped your knee. what's your first reaction?
that's right! most of us swear, but there is actually a good reason for this. swearing substantially increases pain tolerance. people who swear are able to withstand worse pain at longer intervals than people who do not. so the next time you stub your toe and you don't have any aspirin, just start cursing everything.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

For the couples

This entry i'm gonna throw out a few sex facts. one for single people, one for couples, and one interesting fact.
i'll start off with the single people.
guys, do you know when the best time to get laid is?
i'm sure most of you have heard of pheromones before, if not they are essentially scents that people (and other living things) excrete, and they give us information on a subconscious level. while we are not usually aware of it, pheromones play a large role in our behaviors and actions every day. different pheromones cause different reactions. so now that i've given you a brief summary here's when the best time to get laid is!
it just so happens that right after sex with another women is when you are the most desirable to other women! this is because of all the different pheromones released during sex. they make you irresistible to the other gender.
a quick side note, for those of you wondering, if that means you should masturbate before you try and get a girls number, the answer is NO! you become more attractive to the other females because your covered in THEIR sex pheromones.

now for the couples
studies have shown that the #1 thing a guy can do to get his lady to have more sex with him is... drum roll....

help out with chores!
that's right guys, every hour of cleaning up around the house you do every day will on average get you 20 minutes in bed. so if you've been feeling neglected lately, go wash some dishes and get some action!

and ladies if you want some help with chores around this house plus a little extra time in the bedroom you might wanna tell your significant other about this.

and finally the interesting sex fact.
Obese males on average last 7 minutes longer than non-obese males. so if you're tired of Mr. One Minute Wonder, try hooking up with a fatty. although the reason for this increase in duration is because obese males have higher amounts of estrogen, and lower amounts of testosterone.

Original Artwork

i wanted to upload a slideshow for this entry, but i don't have a picasa account yet. so this entry will just be a few pictures for now.
these were all created by me with spray paint about 3 years ago. i taught myself how to paint over the course of 3 months and made these along with about  hundred or so others.

so this painting took about 45 minutes, all i used to make it was spray paint, circular stencils for the planets such as lids and plates, poster board and a magazine.

some of them take a lot less time, like this one. probably took about 10 minutes.
i realize i'm not the most amazing photographer, but hopefully they are decent enough you can still apreciate the artwork.

this one was interesting... i was in the middle of it when my mom ran out to me (i was 15 at the time) and started yelling that the cat had caught a rabbit and i had to save it. so in the middle of the painting i ran off to chase down my cat (NOT EASY!) and i finally got her, saved the bunny, then still managed to finish the painting.
that may not sound super impressive, but here's the thing. you can only work with a painting for as long as the paint is wet. once it's dry, you're done. you can't do any more. you can use clear coat or more paint to keep it wet a little longer, but if you spray wet paint on dry paint it wrinkles and peels off.
i didn't say i painted outside, but you kind of have to with spray paint cause the fumes and stuff.

i realize this is not the best picture again, but i've got another story about this one!
i only did two underwater paintings and here is the reason why. the one above was the first. the one below is the second.
i was doing this one and in the middle of it my mom again came out yelling i had to come save a bunny, i ran off chased down the cat, saved the bunny, and still managed to finish the painting again lol. only time that's happened. and both times it happened in the middle of my underwater paintings.

Here's another one that a lot of people seem to like. hopefully you guys will too.

This last one is my personal favorite.

so tell me what you think. i've got a lot more pictures if you wanna see em, or if you guys have any questions just let me know in the comments and i can show you more, answer questions, whatever in a later blog.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Double Entry

Ok guys. i've got two entries right now, the first one is serious, and awesome. extremely useful, the second one however, not necessarily extremely useful, but possibly pretty useful, definitely extremely weird though.

this is just one example of his videos. oh, and btw for the ads, they have markers to show you when they are over, so just click the marker and you skip the ads. learned some awesome stuff here. i like to be entertaining though. i'm like a class clown. might not be for you if your not super outgoing and stuff.

CAUTION: This is quiet possibly disturbingly weird, viewer discretion is advised.
 Ok guys, i said this one was weird, and i was not lying, but here it is.

hope you guys enjoy leave feedback in the comment.
Thanks for reading :)

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

National Womens Day

well, i wanna give a shout out to all my lady readers, and for all male readers a reminder to give a shout out to any ladies you might know. you could surprise and impress them.

"hey babe, could you go make me and the guys some sammiches so we can celebrate international womens day? oh and bring some beers too."

a little variety

i figured i'd give a little variety.
first a few jokes.
i came up with this one myself. it's a little dark.
"guys i'm kinda sad right now.."
"what happened dude?"
"well last night my dog died"
"aww man that sucks"
"yeah, it was horrible... she kept trying to bite me and kept trying to jump out of the hole, but after i hit her with the shovel a few times she stopped struggling."

it's all about the delivery with this joke, gotta be convincing when you start.
and a good one to follow this one up with
"wanna here a joke about my cat?"
"it's dead...just kitten!"

a random interesting fact.
strippers make less money the closer they get to their period. this is because women are biologically programmed to act sexier and release more pheromones when she is most fertile (aprox. 2 weeks after her period). women don't realize they do this, it's subconscious. so if you ladies ever feel like there is a certain time of the month you always get hit on more, it's because there is ;)

and finally a quote

"Any man who can drive safely while kissing a pretty girl is simply not giving the kiss the attention it deserves."-Einstein
i'm a fan of his.
btw feel free to suggest things that you would like to see more or less of.

Monday, March 7, 2011

cat time

Hemingway cats, or polydactyl cats are cats that are born with extra toes. some of them have up to 7 toes on each paw. polydactyl being the scientific name, poly meaning multiple, and dactyl meaning finger. most cats have 18 toes polydactyl cats can have up to 28! they are commonly called Hemingway cats though because Nobel Prize winner Earnest Hemingway had an affinity for these cats and his house now belongs to 50 of his cats, or probably actually his cats descendants by now.
i think they are adorable, some people are weirded out by them.
what's your opinion?

strange dreams

i think before i go to sleep i will share with you a short dream i had a few nights ago. Naturally, it was a sex dream.
so there i am trying to get into this girls pants, and after a while of some dream foreplay i finally am about to unzip her jeans, but when i do.... well what's supposed to be there, isn't.. instead it was a whole bunch of booty.
but not like the type of booty you would normally find in pants. no, it was pirate treasure. you know on TV whenever they find the hidden treasure how it glows when they open it and the harps start playing? well that's how it was in my dream. i unzip this girls pants expecting to find some cute little hello kitty underwear or something, but instead there is a small glowing fortune between her legs and angels are singing to me. ok well the last part would have been the same anyways (it's normal to hear angels singing during intercourse. right?).

it was really a very conflicting dream. i wasn't sure if i should be more excited that i just found a bunch of gold coins, or more disappointed that i wasn't going to have sex.
what are some interesting or funny dreams you have had recently?

What You Can Expect

Amongst my circle of friends i'm known as the guy who always has some sort of random trick, or fact, or tallent etc.. No matter what the subject i always know at least one interesting fact, from stippers to seasonings. i'm that  random guy who acts like a goof, and then constantly amazes when i pull out hidden talents, and random knowledge.
With this blog i'm going to try and share a little bit of that with you the internet. just pure random usefulness.
some examples of things (but i will not be limited to only these things) i will be blogging. 
Random things of interest- you know how annoying it is when you are trying to pull out plastic wrap and you accidentally pull the whole roll out and it unravels? well all plastic wrap and aluminum foil etc.. has two tabs on the ends of the boxes you can push in and it will hold the roll in place and keep it from popping out. 95% of people are unaware of this.
or i might give you  
A little joke- why didn't the lifeguard save the hippy? he was too far out man.
or maybe one day i get serious and give you some
Philosophy-"A man's ethical behavior should be based effectually on sympathy, education, and social ties; no religious basis is necessary. Man would indeeded be in a poor way if he had to be restrained by fear of punishment and hope of reward after death."-Albert Einstien

or i might give you an awesome recipe, or teach you a weird trick, or even give some relationship advice. i cannot fit everything i will blog about into one category, but i can promise that everything i blog has been useful to me at some point in my life, and that i think it has the potential to be useful to someone else too.
i'll also keep it short. this one is a bit longer cause it's an intro, but generally my blogs will be short and sweet (although i may have a longer one from time to time).