Sunday, March 13, 2011

Food tricks

today i have a few food tricks for you.
1. peel bananas from the bootom.
why? well you know those annoying string like things that hang all over your banana. if you pinch the bottom it will split, then just peel it like you would from the top. except this time, no strings! if you've ever seen a monkey eat a banana they peel it from the bottom
2. how to poach an egg
poaching eggs is often a dreaded activity, but it's actually extremely easy. after you've got your water all heated, add a splash of vinegar, then gently stir in a circle for a few seconds before dropping the egg into the middle. the gentle vortex will keep the egg together in the middle of the pot and you will get 100% perfect poached eggs every time. i also recommend cracking the eggs into a small dish first.
3. how to peel a pomegranate
unfortunately there is no easy way to peel this fruit, but there is an easier way than most people know. if you get a large bowl of water, peel your pomegranate inside the bowl of water. all the white pieces will float to the top, while the part you eat sinks to the bottom. makes it much easier to peel and clean
4. how to properly peel an orange
pretty much anyone can peel an orange, but sometimes it's a little difficult, and often leaves behind a lot of the white stuff from the peel. there is a simple solution to this, just roll the orange around in your hands for a minute or so applying light pressure. what this does is it separates the orange from the peel. once you've rolled it around peel it like you normally would, except this time it should be a lot easier and not leave anything behind.

a quick update to how Insanity is going i got it, and was looking at it. unfortunately i do not think i'll be able to start it right away, pretty much everything involves jumping, which is still pretty rough on my knee. i tried doing  the warm up and fitness test, and didn't get anywhere close to finishing. so what i've decided to do, is just to continue doing the warm up and as much of the workout as i can, until i can comfortably get all the way through it.

let me know what you guys thought about the food tricks. i know a lot more if you liked them.


    I know of no such thing

  2. food tricks are new to me :D so I don't know any but I like your tips

  3. nice! i hate those string things too!

  4. That banana trick is beautiful, I can't believe so few people know about it.

    I actually knew about the pomegranate too, but I haven't tried it since I read about it. So, tomorrow I have poached eggs for breakfast and buy a pomegranate when I go shopping :D

  5. it's not a lie. when you squeeze the bottom (only the tip) squeeze it once, rotate 90 degrees squeeze it again. that way you split the peel into 4 sections instead of just 2.