Monday, March 7, 2011

strange dreams

i think before i go to sleep i will share with you a short dream i had a few nights ago. Naturally, it was a sex dream.
so there i am trying to get into this girls pants, and after a while of some dream foreplay i finally am about to unzip her jeans, but when i do.... well what's supposed to be there, isn't.. instead it was a whole bunch of booty.
but not like the type of booty you would normally find in pants. no, it was pirate treasure. you know on TV whenever they find the hidden treasure how it glows when they open it and the harps start playing? well that's how it was in my dream. i unzip this girls pants expecting to find some cute little hello kitty underwear or something, but instead there is a small glowing fortune between her legs and angels are singing to me. ok well the last part would have been the same anyways (it's normal to hear angels singing during intercourse. right?).

it was really a very conflicting dream. i wasn't sure if i should be more excited that i just found a bunch of gold coins, or more disappointed that i wasn't going to have sex.
what are some interesting or funny dreams you have had recently?


  1. HAHAHA! I've just imagined unzipping my girlfriend's jeans to see some gold coins and hear angels' choirs! It knocked me down to the ground!

    Few days ago I realised that one of my school mates is a drag queen. Yes, he is a transvestite. After seeing his pictures cross-dressing I was disgusted. Later that night I had a dream of him being inside my bedroom. I woke up screaming. That was very unusual, yet horrible.

  2. try lucid dreaming.
    dreams are powerful.

  3. Bahaha, weird! Did you know you were dreaming?

  4. ha ha, I tend to have these types of dreams from time to time!