Thursday, March 10, 2011

Original Artwork

i wanted to upload a slideshow for this entry, but i don't have a picasa account yet. so this entry will just be a few pictures for now.
these were all created by me with spray paint about 3 years ago. i taught myself how to paint over the course of 3 months and made these along with about  hundred or so others.

so this painting took about 45 minutes, all i used to make it was spray paint, circular stencils for the planets such as lids and plates, poster board and a magazine.

some of them take a lot less time, like this one. probably took about 10 minutes.
i realize i'm not the most amazing photographer, but hopefully they are decent enough you can still apreciate the artwork.

this one was interesting... i was in the middle of it when my mom ran out to me (i was 15 at the time) and started yelling that the cat had caught a rabbit and i had to save it. so in the middle of the painting i ran off to chase down my cat (NOT EASY!) and i finally got her, saved the bunny, then still managed to finish the painting.
that may not sound super impressive, but here's the thing. you can only work with a painting for as long as the paint is wet. once it's dry, you're done. you can't do any more. you can use clear coat or more paint to keep it wet a little longer, but if you spray wet paint on dry paint it wrinkles and peels off.
i didn't say i painted outside, but you kind of have to with spray paint cause the fumes and stuff.

i realize this is not the best picture again, but i've got another story about this one!
i only did two underwater paintings and here is the reason why. the one above was the first. the one below is the second.
i was doing this one and in the middle of it my mom again came out yelling i had to come save a bunny, i ran off chased down the cat, saved the bunny, and still managed to finish the painting again lol. only time that's happened. and both times it happened in the middle of my underwater paintings.

Here's another one that a lot of people seem to like. hopefully you guys will too.

This last one is my personal favorite.

so tell me what you think. i've got a lot more pictures if you wanna see em, or if you guys have any questions just let me know in the comments and i can show you more, answer questions, whatever in a later blog.


  1. Particularly like the second! Great job!

  2. Love the artwork! Any chance for some desert canyon landscapes?

  3. I love it, im an artist myself too, but meh, i can't do stuff like that :(

  4. that looks awesome, you have some skills, that's for sure

  5. its amazing!
    i'll give you my address, send me one of those!

  6. I would like to see more of these! I always buy some from some guys sitting next to my subway stop :0

  7. ui ui .. nice pics

  8. really nice paintings! if youre into gaming, check my blog!

  9. owww, you've done fabolous job! +rep 8)

  10. nice, and you made all this with spraypaint? The only art I see with spraypaint is random tags on walls near the school

  11. Oh man, all that with spray paint? That's hilarious! You should get a DeviantArt account!

  12. Nice.. very impressive, you got a new follower

  13. WOW! Outstanding job. You're a great artist. I agree with Silent Crawler, make a DeviantArt account.