Sunday, March 20, 2011

How to create incredible paintings in minutes.

I posted some of my artwork in an earlier entry here, and i decided to talk about that a little bit more.
this is a surprisingly easy skill to learn, or at least the basics are. within my first paint session i was able to create things that amazed people.
 This is Brandon McConnel, this video is unedited, you really can make something that amazing, that quick.

if you are interested in learning to paint like this there are a few simple things you need
1. a little bit of time (a lot less than you might think)
2. GLOSSY spray paint
3. GLOSSY posterboard
4. a magazine- any type of paper can work, and different papers can give different textures, but magazines are glossy and cheap so they are good to use.
5.circular objects to use as stencils for planets (such as coffee cans or plates)
6.a mask. you can use the little paper filter mask things, they will help filter out the paint particles, but with those you are still inhaling dangerous chemicals. i recommend getting one like this 3m respirator
7.and finally you need a place to paint.
i painted in my back yard, DO NOT PAINT INDOORS! at least not unless you have proper ventilation. the fumes from the spray paint are harmful if inhaled, to minimize health risks only paint in well ventilated areas.
including the respirator you can get everything you need to get started for less than $50.
other things that might be helpful are a pallet knife, a foam brush, a straight edge, and a razor blade.

OK so now you know what you need to paint, but how do you do it?
There are two main ways to do this, you can buy instructional DVDs such as these. i haven't been active on that site for a few years, but when i was the message boards were also very helpful if i ever had any questions, they were also a good place to learn new techniques. The second way to do it is for free just by watching tutorials and videos of people making these paintings on youtube.

A few tips, don't mix and match different brands or types of paint. they like to separate if you do.
cheap walmart paint will work, just make sure it's glossy.
start off simple, just do a space scene with one or two planets for your first few attempts, no need to try and recreate the Mona Lisa right away and get discouraged.
The biggest tip i can give you though, is just to go out and try it. you can get 10 cans of spraypaint and a few pieces of poster board for under $20, and you already know the paintings don't take long, so their is no major time investment either. what do you have to lose?

Again i apologize for the crappy photography, but here are a few more examples of some of my paintings.

I hope i inspired a few people to try this hobby, and that this was helpful to them.
Leave some feedback, and thanks for reading.


  1. Darn, you've done amazing job. How long have you been doing this exactly? Anyhows, keep up the great work man. :)

  2. This is fantastic, sir!

    I'm going to pick up some supplies next week and give this a shot.

    Keep up the interesting posts!

  3. That's actually crazy!
    I don't think I'd ever be able to do that, but props to you, how long did you practise before getting as good as you are?

    Also. Do you sell your paintings?

  4. those paintings look amazing.

  5. I see a lot of these in my city as street performers. Some people wait around for the picture, I wait for the smell :D

  6. Wow those paintings are really amazing.

  7. That is amazing! Need to try to make somthing like that sometime.

  8. Holy crap some nice paintings there !

  9. I always admired it, but never had enough motivation to learn it ;)

  10. Wow those are some really awesome paintings.

  11. LOL, that is amazing!!! I'm not very artistic, so I'll have to try!

  12. That's awesome. Id love to give this a shot one day.

  13. Wow, great job, I love this type of artwork, it really requires focus and persistence.

  14. wow some of these loos ashtonishing.

  15. holy poop that was quick. Nice work too