Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Lets go green

I'm sure everyone has noticed the huge increase in "green" products in the last few years. well i'd like to take a minute and talk about all this bullshit.
this is a video (one of my favorite) of Penn and Teller, and it is a part of one of their episodes of Bullshit.
unfortunately this video shows a pretty good representation of your average American, and their stupidity. most "green" products are not any better for the environment than their standard counterparts, in fact they often have much worse impacts on the environment, or are the same exact thing with a different label and twice the price.
for example-to recycle 1 ton of plastic bags it costs $4000, after being recycled it can be sold for $32, and no i did not miss any decimal places. that's right to recycle a ton of plastic bags you loose over $3900.
In fact much of the things you recycle just ends up in a landfill anyways.
remember a few years ago when there was a big push for all the ethanol gas? everyone got all excited about being more eco-friendly and stuff, then realized that taking hundreds of thousands of acres of farmland for feed corn and converting it to ethanol corn, resulted in mass starvation, and many other very serious problems.
many other green products may not have as large of an effect as the ethanol movement, but they still suck!

don't get me wrong i'm not against going green, and i know that there are legitimate green products out there, i'm just tired of the all the bullshit out there. next time you go shopping use a little common sense when it comes to this stuff, it can go a long way.

i seriously recommend Penn & Teller's series Bullshit, it's an excellent show.

also, an update on how Insanity is going, another set back unfortunately. last night i partially dislocated my right ankle, fortunately i was able to quickly pop it back in, and hopefully it will heal up quickly.

Thanks for reading, let me know what you thought or if you have any recommendations for future entries.


  1. I was never big on recycling.

  2. i love recycling but i wish the trash companies would make it easier to sort ( like multiple trash bins ad so on).

  3. saving the planet isnt hard. just buy green products and everything will be okay.


  4. just dont breathe that much dude.

  5. i trey to save the planet too, ride my bike as much as possible

  6. Might actually give that show a watch. Looks interesting.

  7. Haha I love how that woman says "Yeah I'm familiar with it" in such a superior fashion, when she clearly has no clue :p

    That's no reason not to recycle certain things, though. Aluminum, as an example, is a lot more efficient than recycling certain plastics. One can't just generalize and take one bad example and justify stopping the whole party.
    I do agree about common sense. People should spend more time doing research themselves rather than listening to others feeding it to them.

  8. That is so true, in the office where I work we have different trash bins for plastic, paper and so on.
    Well, the cleaning ladies when they come they ditch them all together in the same big bag and throw them away.

  9. I love Pen and Teller, need to watch more of them.
    Nice post, though. I'm all for helping the environment a little, but some people take it way too far.

  10. Ever been to a music festival? lol, hippies are suckers

  11. I had read that recycling paper is more detrimental to the environment(what with bleaching and shit, than buying new paper. I really am all about helping the planet, but it's hard to do so when people are trying to sucker you.

  12. Ha ha ha. I love Penn and Teller so much.

  13. that video is hilarious, shows what a change in tone can do

  14. I agree, sir. Some green is good, some is nonsensical.

    Folks seem to think that electric cars are somehow better than gas-powered vehicles. Nobody I know seems to make the connection between electricity and how it's created- typically by burning coal somewhere else.

    Education is the answer.

    Keep up the quality posts, sir!

  15. Outstanding how ecomentalists suddenly forget about all the pollution from the trucks which bring the garbage to the recycle plants.